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Commission Information & FAQs
I've never commissioned art before, where do I begin?
Commissioning art is a fun process! Don't worry if you're just testing the waters, or are ready to commission a whole book of illustrations, the first step is always just a chat. I'm happy to have a friendly, no-pressure talk any time, so just shoot me a message!
How much will it cost?
Pricing varies per-piece, however this guide is a good place to start. Extras such as additional party members, complex backgrounds will increase the overall cost. The best way to price a piece is to contact me directly for a free quote. A standard deposit of 50% is taken to secure a diary space, with the remainder due on delivery.
How detailed does my brief need to be?
There isn't a set rule as to how much you need to tell me. That being said, the less detail in the brief, the more freedom I will have to design something particularly unique. I have a briefing document available for particularly unsure clients.
How does the process work?
Typically we start with a short conversation. Once we have agreed on the initial brief, I will create sketches to send over. Once you have approved the sketch you would like to go ahead with, and any changes, I will go ahead with the final piece, updating you periodically.
Can I use the art in my video/book/Game?
Standard commissions will leave the copyright in my hands, however commercial licenses for the works are available. This will be a flat fee on top of the commission charge and varies per-project.

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